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Flight Automation System


Subject to change

MySky FAS 2 is a two axis autopilot designed for precise navigation and altitude control. It encompasses all of the
performance and safety features of our other systems, and makes them available in a single, panel mounted
instrument. The system includes back-lighted buttons and
illuminated faceplate nomenclature as part of a pleasing new industrial design.

MySky Flight Automation System for the MSONE Light Sport Aircraft  

MySky FAS 2 provides excellent horizontal navigation capabilities and the vertical navigation provides altitude control, climb/descent functions with airspeed limiting, and altitude pre-select. Climb/descent on airspeed is also included.

MySky FAS 2 uses proven "intelligent" Gold Standard servos to assure safe and reliable control actuation.

While MySky FAS 2 incorporates many features, it is very simple to operate. Just press the H NAV button and it will track your flight plan. Press the V NAV button and it will hold your
current altitude.

Separate MODE buttons are provided for advanced Horizontal and Vertical functions.

The H MODE button allows the pilot to track a GPS flight plan, fly a specific course over the ground, or intercept a flight plan.

The V MODE button may be used to specify a minor altitude adjustment, a climb/descent rate, and/or a destination altitude.