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  MySky MSONE Light Sport Aircraft LSA  
  MySky MSONE LSA Light Sport AircraftAircraft

Aircraft Performance

  Estimated, Subject to change    
Jabiru 3300 120 HP, Sensenich Composite Propeller
  Cruise Speed
120 kts
  Fuel burn at cruise
less than 4.5 gal*
  Range, no reserve, 24 gallons usable
636 NM
5.3 hrs
  Stall Speed, 0 degree Flaps
45.0 kts
  Stall Speed, 10 degree Flaps
40.8 kts
  Stall Speed, 30 degree Flaps
38.4 kts
  Best Glide, Power Off
63 kts, 510 fpm sink
  No Flaps Take Off Roll
294 feet, lift off 55 kts
  Take Off Roll, 10 degree Flaps
243 feet, lift off 50 kts
  Landing roll, 30 degree Flaps
305 feet
  * with optional MySky carburetor with normal mixture control.